i am that guy seated across from you in a bus; headphones on, lost in his own world while scrolling his phone. you will never notice me because i am not one to draw attention. i will notice you though, depending on what you are putting on if you are male, or if you are pretty, if you are female. then i will go back to whatever i was doing on my phone (read; stalking people)

or if not in a bus/ matatu, you will always find me seated at the back of the room; with a book in my hand and a drink, probably water, seated in front of me. i will have this bored faraway look on my face. like i am not there. and you will be right, i will be in another world, and in that other world, i am somebody else. all this courtesy of the book.

i am just here for the stories. and the ride of course.

for more about me, follow my blog. i believe my posts will tell you all there is to know about me

email: writercrappy@gmail.com