I don’t always like calling myself a writer. This is because i don’t think I deserve to share that title with the likes of Jackson Biko aka bikozulu of bikozulu.co.ke, Wakimuyu of kisauti.com,  Magunga of magunga.com or even Mike Muthaka of mikemuthaka.com (this kid can write, I give him that, even though I always see a lot of Biko in his writing). These among others are the people who deserve the title “writer”. Me? I’m just someone who loves to play around with letters; rearranging them in a manner that could at least make sense. 

But one thing is for sure, I share a lot with these writers. We all have a knack for words.  Show me a writer who doesn’t love to read and I’ll call you a liar. A big fat liar.

The other thing that we have in common is that there are times that we suffer from the inability to come up with a story as much as we want to. It is called a writer’s block; that moment where you really want to write but you can’t seem to find the words to put whatever story you have in your head down. And it is frustrating, both to you and the people who love to read your stuff.

Today I clicked my instagram profile and there on my bio i saw a link. The link was staring blankly back at me and that was when it hit me that I haven’t written anything since I went “live”! And I felt sad, so here we are.

I am going through that block guys. I know it’s a bad way to kick start this site, but it’s true.  Help me here people, how do I bring my mojo back? This ship is sinking and there is nothing I can do about it. I am about to drown in my sea of thoughts.

Which makes me wonder, what will happen to me when one day in future I get a writing job for a given magazine and stories get stuck in my head, not ready to be let lose. Si I will be fired? Because I wont just go up to my boss and be like, you know what sir? I am going through a writer’s block right now, how about a rain check?
So yes guys, this is the reason this blog has been quiet. I can’t seem to find the right words. And it’s killing me. Elections are coming, I should be able to write a kickass piece about the need of peace during this period. How we shouldn’t let the politicians divide us into tribal lines and conquer us. How we should vote for leaders who have our best interests at heart. Actually, I am not seeing any leader right now who has our best interests at heart. All I am seeing are people, some desperate even, who all they want is a slice of the pizza. And they want it all to themselves.

I wish I could come up with a piece like the one I did sometime last year in my other blog. A piece aimed at bringing people together.

The other day I started writing a piece called purpose. A rant about me not knowing my purpose in life at 24. While other people are ranting about being fat; how miserable their life is because of the extra fat they have on their bodies, I wanted to rant about how my life lacks purpose. You know, something that I was born to do and is worth living for. Two paragraphs in and I said fuck it and closed that tab. I mean there are things that are rant worthy like The banning of alcoblow, umm the state of our nation, state of our schools… you know? Stuff that affect us as a nation Heheh. Look at me sounding all mindful of my country

Anyway, to keep this blog alive, i will be posting pieces that I wrote a while back yet somehow have not found their way to the public eye .

Until then mine is to wish you a happy Easter. This is a long weekend guys let’s be responsible. Let’s not drink and drive, that’s why there are Ubers in this world: for driving drunks home haha! Look at me calling a spoon a spoon.

My thoughts as at 1917hrs, April 14

Ps. I know you have probably noticed that this post has no title, that’s how serious this block is.



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